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Established in Germany in 1978, HELUKABEL® is one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers and suppliers.

In addition to our production sites in Germany and China, we proudly operate 52 sales and warehouse locations across 33 countries. HELUKABEL® offers a comprehensive product assortment of over 30,000 standard items including: bus and Industrial Ethernet cables, servo/feedback/motor cables, high-flex cables for drag chains, and flexible control cables.

But what truly distinguishes us is our ability to work with the customer to create customised solutions that meet their exact requirements. We design and test our products in our own R&D and testing facilities to make sure they meet not only international standards, but the specific needs of our customers.

HELUKABEL® is truly your one-stop solution provider for cable and wire!

Products and services

HELUKABEL® manufactures and supplies cables and accessories for almost every industry, including the renewable energy sector.

We offer a variety of products that are halogen-free and made with ultra-durable sheaths from the most modern polymers, as well as products that provide oil, chemical, and high thermal resistance, even for prolonged periods of time.

Our products have been certified by major international standards organizations, which means they can be shipped around the world from our logistics centre near Stuttgart, Germany.

Not only are our products manufactured to meet industry standards, they also have to be of HELUKABEL® quality. This means passing the rigorous tests that cables undergo in our own R&D and testing facilities. HELUKABEL® means long-lasting, tough, and reliable products “Made in Germany.”

Come meet with one of our representatives at stand 2308, hall A 2 to learn more about our products and services.


HELUTHERM® 145 single cores provide long-term heat-resistance up to +145 °C in fixed installations. Thanks to core insulation of halogen-free, cross-linked polyolefin-copolymer, this cable won’t melt even when in contact with a soldering iron at a temperature between 300 °C to 380 °C. HELUKABEL® supplies a variety of thermally-resistant cables and accessories used in electrical machinery, materials processing plants, and infrastructure.

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JZ-500 PUR

The JZ-500 PUR control cable is one of HELUKABEL®’s top-selling products for its durability and convenience. While this cable has high abrasion and tear resistance, it remains extremely flexible, thus allowing for quick and easy installation. Additionally, the TPMU-compound type sheath offers resistance to coolants, making it ideal for use around machinery and steel works. All materials in the JZ-500 control cable are free of cadmium, silicone, and paint-wetting impairment substances.

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TOPFLEX®-EMV-UV-3 PLUS 2YSLCYK-J is a double screened power supply cable for frequency converters. Its structure of PE core insulation, a special aluminium screen, tinned-copper braided screen (approx. 85% coverage), and a PVC outer sheath, offers low mutual capacitance and low coupling resistance. Its 3 PLUS-construction features a uniformly stranded 3-core design, enabling an extremely concentric structure and favourable EMC properties compared to a 4-core design.

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