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EES is a family owned mid-sized company, combining technological expertise and innovation since more than 40 years. We are providing high-value solutions in the range of fault annunciating and telecontrol systems. Today we are contributing with a comprehensive lineup to increase availability and operation reliability of countless energy generation and distribution plants all over the world. The latest product generation covers todays and future requirements in the field of substation automation with IEC 61850 and offers also links to superior SCADA Systems over IEC 60870-5-104. Our products are based on recognized market standards. Adaption to process parameters onsite can easily be done e.g. by integrated Web-Server. Reliable signal transmission on various media is also a core competence of EES. Furthermore we secure the long-term availability of spare parts for our products. EES is certified by Dekra Corporation to comply with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 standards.

Produk dan jasa

EES offers products in the field of switchgear monitoring and fault annunciating ranging from simple devices with predefined settings up to a networkable systems with IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104 multilink structures. Setting into operation and adjusting to parameters on site, DIP switches and easy of use browser based software are provided. Hereby standardized reporting procedures acc. to DIN 19235 or ISA, as well as individual sequences can be realized. Drop flap functionality suits the demand for displaying last states of a facility. Supervision relays monitor voltagelevels, as well as phase failures in networks. Moreover EES multiplexer systems convince by universal applicability, simple handling and low installation costs. The systems are compact and have high interference resistance for transmission of digital and analog I/O’s up to 20 Kilometers over arbitrary control lines or wireless. For reliable transmission and evaluation of the data telegrams secured protocols are used.



The WAP is the most advanced windows annunciator panel ever designed. In contrast to the mechanical adaption of windows sizes, this device delivers the easy setting up of windows by drag and drop via browser. Each window can be fully adapted in terms of width and height and colour. Repeat relays for each input, 3 common alarms and redundant power supply are available. For connection to IEC 61850, Ethernet or optical fibre sockets are provided and several devices can be connected via CAN-Bus.



The small transceiver and receiver unit ZS8A stands for its reliability and rigidity against interferences and is commonly used for carrying field signals over a long distance control cable to superior RTUs. Moreover these devices find their home in control of cradles in building maintenance applications.
Easy setting up with DIP-switches and small housing makes it easy to integrate in existing cabinets. For higher demands EES provides the appropriate systems, too.



The MFW has been specially conceived for interconnecting widely scattered outdoor installations, such as pump, transformer and gas regulating stations, storm-overflow reservoirs or elevated reservoirs. The MFW can be operated as fully independent, cost-effective telecontrol system or as an extension to existing technology. Various types of cable and radio bands are suitable as transmission media. Digital I/O, even counting pulses and analog values are transmitted on event or periodically.

Berita & Inovasi

WAP - The omniflexible Windows Annunciator Panel 

The WAP is the most advanced windows annunciator panel ever designed. In contrast to the mechanical adaption of windows sizes with frames, this device delivers the easy setting up of windows by drag and drop via browser software. Each windows can be fully individually designed in terms of width and height also in regard of the colour. A colour set for good and alarm condition, as well as blinking status can be defined. Repeat relays for the 24 inputs, 3 common alarms and redundant power supplies are available as option. For connection to IEC 61850 station bus Ethernet or optical fibre sockets are provided. The configuration of this protocol is carried out via the Webserver, too. If more inputs are needed, several devices can be interconnected over CAN-Bus, therefore only a parametersation once is necessary. That is why we call it the fully fledged annunciator panel.


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